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Innovation is the key to sustainability

Coor’s major focus on innovation has resulted in a separate ecosystem where we come into contact with exciting start-ups and jointly develop economically, environmentally and socially sustainable innovations.

Driving improvements and constantly developing services has been a key part of Coor’s business since the company’s establishment in 1998. It is thanks to its great efforts in innovation, its inquisitive attitude and a whole host of smart, technical solutions that Coor is able to help its customers create more attractive and productive workplaces, achieve cost efficiency and promote sustainability.

To reach its goal – to create end value for the customer and for society – Coor realised that it was necessary to collaborate with exciting partners.

“That’s when the idea of our innovation ecosystem was born which encompasses everything from customers, our own employees, our existing suppliers and new interesting companies such as start-ups” says Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation & Service Development.

Over the years, Coor has come into contact with around 400 companies with exciting and innovative solutions. One of the companies that have gone all the way from idea to customer is the Gothenburg-based start-up Mimbly. Their first product, Mimbox, is an add-on solution for washing machines that filters out microplastics and recycles both water and energy.

“The Mimbox reduces water consumption by up to 70 per cent and saves a lot of energy by recovering the heat in the washing water. The microplastic particles released from clothes, mops or rags, for example, are filtered out, thus preventing these harmful substances from flowing into the sea, lakes and nature. The Mimbox thus creates benefits both financially and from a sustainability perspective,” says Mimbly’s co-founder and CEO Isabella Palmgren.

Innovations such as Mimbox enable Coor to help its customers become more innovative and achieve their sustainability goals. In January 2021, Mimbly had the opportunity to test its product live at a Coor customer site.

“The reactions have been exclusively positive. The product helps customers become more sustainable, mainly from an environmental perspective but also financially as it cuts the cost of both water and energy,” says Fredrik Sandqvist.

About Mimbly

Mimbly is a cleantech company founded in 2017 by three students at the Chalmers University of Technology: Isabella Palmgren, Nicolas Maxant and Emil Vestman. They began their journey at the Chalmers Ventures incubator and since then have also participated in the accelerators Imagine H20, Climate KICs, the GU Ventures programme and IKEA’s acceleration programme IKEA Bootcamp.

Mimbly’s awards
  • IFMA Innovation Award 2021, together with Coor
  • Settler of the Year in Young Pioneers in the West from H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf
  • National winner of SKAPA Talent for Young Innovators in memory of Alfred Nobel
  • Winner of best start-up in Europe
  • Female Founder 2018 by Di Digital
  • E-prize from Swedish business weekly Veckans Affärer
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact